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I've been in therapy for 7 weeks and have much less pain and more movement. My lower back pain is gone now and I get up and down with ease. All staff were great.

When I began my right shoulder was nearly frozen and very painful. Now I have full range of motion and less pain. This has been especially wonderful becuase it iswith my lymphedema arm!

My name is Brenda Craig and I started goign to Sterling Physical Therapy and Associates months ago. I was in pain medications for years and I have fibromyalgia and ostioarthritis I was having a lot of pain about 2 weeks after going I startednot having any pain. I use to use a cane and now I take no pain meds and use no cane. I am 67 years old. I have felt better these last 1.5 months. than I have in years. The girls are great with me. Jamie is my Physical Therapist and she's great. I have to thank my Dr Julia Mannis for sending me there. She has given me a second life of course the Lord has a lot to do with sending me there. Thank Sterling Physical Therapy. I feel great.

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